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Services for Employers

Did you know that approximately 75% of all business expenses are related to human resources, including recruitment costs, benefits, absenteeism and turnover?*

Employers can control those costs by hiring Macenna Staffing Services. Save time, money and training by outsourcing and working with a trusted and proven recruitment partner.

* SOURCE: Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services

Our Services

Temporary Placement

We do the recruiting and hiring and the employee stays on our payroll. We will bill you an hourly rate for all hours worked.

If you like the employee, you may decide to hire them permanently. *

* Additional fees may apply if a candidate is permanently hired.

Temporary to Permanent Placement

We recruit, hire and the employee stays on our payroll for the duration of the contract. We bill you an hourly rate for all hours worked. The hourly rate for billing is determined by the hourly rate of pay for the employee and length of contract requested. Various contract lengths are available to reduce or eliminate the recruiting fee.

Contract Employment

You recruit and place your own candidates in the position through us. We will bill you an hourly rate for all hours worked. The employee remains on our payroll until the contract is ended. An employee benefits plan is available for long term contracts. Sub-Contractors are also accepted.

Permanent Hire

We recruit a candidate, you hire them and then we bill you a recruiting fee (percentage of the annual wage for the position). Candidate goes directly onto your payroll. Rates and guarantees are based on the position being filled. There are no fees for recruiting services unless we fill the position for you.**

** If utilizing Macenna's permanent hire services we will handle all advertising/listing of the position(s) and recommend against any independent or additional third-party advertising. Any resumes we send you are subject to a fee if a candidate is hired within 6 months.


Bringing People & Companies Together

Hundreds of job seekers place their resumes with Macenna Staffing Services for employment opportunities in Fort St. John and area. Let us search our database for qualified candidates ideally suited to your business.

Call Macenna Staffing Services first to see if we have a candidate that matches your job profile

How it Works

quote request icon

Request a quote. Review and confirm acceptance of terms and fees.

job description icon

Send us the job description of the position you wish to have us interview for and fill.

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We take care of the rest! Candidate screening, interviews and final placement.

Our Process

  1. Review our database for ready-to-go candidates we have on file.
  2. Confidential advertising of the position on our Job Board and externally as needed.
  3. Resumes are selected and forwarded to you for review.
  4. We arrange interviews on your behalf.
  5. Once a successful candidate has been selected, we present them with an offer on your behalf.
  6. We notify the other candidates with the results of the hiring process.
  7. Throughout the employee's contract, we will act as a go-between for both Company and the employee.
  8. No fees are issued if we are unsuccessful in filling a position.

Our Comprehensive Screening Results in Better Candidate Selections for Employers

All candidates go through an interview process conducted by our Human Resources team.  The process consists of a skills assessment, an interview with our Human Resources staff, and reference checks from past employers. As a result, we can more accurately and confidently match candidates to your open administrative position(s).

All candidates go through a standard screening process. For an additional fee we offer education and previous employment verification, additional skill assessments, alcohol and drug testing, criminal records check, etc..

Companies trust Macenna Staffing Service to provide the right people for the job, everytime!