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Macenna Staffing Services for employers.

Several hiring options are available for you.

Temporary Placement:

We do the recruiting and hiring, and the employee stays on our payroll. We will bill you an hourly rate for all hours worked. If you like them, you may even decide to hire them (may involve extra fees).

Temporary to Permanent

We recruit and hire, employee stays on our payroll for the duration of the contract. We will bill you an hourly rate for all hours worked. The hourly rate for billing is determined by the hourly rate of pay for the employee and length of contract requested. Various contract lengths are available to reduce or eliminate the recruiting fee. Replacements are allowed and you can extend the length of contract.


You recruit and place your own candidates in the position through us. We will bill you an hourly rate for all hours worked. The employee remains on our payroll until the contract is ended. An employee benefits plan is available for long term contracts. Sub-Contractors are also accepted.

Permanent Hire (recruiting only):

We recruit a candidate, you hire them and then we bill you a recruiting fee (percentage of the annual wage for the position). Candidate goes directly onto your payroll. Rates and guarantees are based on the position being filled. There’s no charge for recruiting services unless we fill the position for you.

Next Steps

  • Request a quote for a specific position or yearly contract rates to cover all of your staffing needs.
  • Confirm acceptance of the fees and terms
  • We will begin with selecting resumes currently in our database and forward them to you.
  • We will advertise the position (Confidential: your company name is not mentioned)
  • We will continue sending resumes until the position is filled.
  • You can choose the candidates you’d like to interview; we will schedule interview appointments and interviews can take place either in your office or ours.
  • Once a candidate is selected, we will contact the candidate and present your offer of pay rate, start date etc.
  • Once an offer is accepted, we will send you a form, with which you will select the length of contract desired.
  • We will notify the other candidates interviewed as to the decided results.
  • Throughout the duration of the employee’s contract, we will act as the go-between for both you and the employee.
  • At the end of the Contract: a) hire the employee b) extend the contract c) end the contract

About Administrative Candidates

All administrative candidates go through an interview process conducted in our office. The process consists of a skills assessment for Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel & typing, an interview with our HR staff, and reference checks from past employers. This information allows us to more accurately and confidently match candidates to your open administrative position. All other candidates go through the reference check process to help ensure that they are exactly what you may be looking for. For an additional fee we can offer education and previous employment verification, alcohol and drug testing, criminal records check etc.

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Locally owned and operated in Fort St. John, BC for over 30 years, Macenna offers administration staffing, camp cook and cleaning services and is strongly connected with the North Peace workforce.